About Me

I was born in Venice in 1973 and that makes me both an Italian and a Venetian.
I’ve lived in London for 5 years in the late 9ts, traveled around Europe and that makes me cosmopolitan.
I now live in Syndey and I suppose that makes me citizen of this wonderful world we all live in.

I love good music, especially reggae, funk, soul and disco: according to my parents, my passion for music begun when I was 3.
Buying 7″ records is kind of a second nature for me but I don’t consider myself a collector.
In 98 thanks to Cello (of Coast to Coast fame) I took this  passion further and started to DJ and believe it or not, this year marks my 15th year behind the decks!

I love food.
And I’m double lucky because Monica, my half, is truly a master chef and a great DJ too!

I’ve become a self-taught graphic designer many moons ago in order to print my own t-shirts :)
That’s right: as a teenager I was absolutely mad for comics and punk/alternative t-shirts designs…
I’m in love with the whole 6t’s cinema/pop imagery, in fact my hard-disk is choco-block full of unsorted jpegs I gather from the net.I love to draw vintage inspired graphics. So much so I draw more stuff that I can print. That’s more files on the hard disk…
Another passion of mine is photograpy (even more files on my poor disk…), but we’ll talk about it later

Want to know more? Stay tuned and don’t forget to get in touch! Feedback and comments are always appreciated.


Marco – Soulbrew

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